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Report displaying Material Standard Price and PO Price

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Hello Experts

We have materials which are purchased. Price control is maintained as standard price and standard price is maintained using T Code MR21 periodically.

Due to this when PO price is different from standard price maintained in material master (usually PO price is higher than standard price) all price difference are posted to price difference GL at the time of GR.

Now users want to check variations between standard price and PO price for the material receipts.

Can anyone suggest me any report which provides details of standard price and PO price for the material receipts?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Satya Alapati

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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i dont think there is a standard report for this .you have to develop a report using following tables


Meanwhile check your luck with this report S_P00_07000139

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Nothing std I'm aware of either. You could consider using the messages 06 205/6/7 to get a warning at the time POs are created that price varies significantly from std.

Config help text below:

Set Tolerance Limits for Price Variance

In this step, you define the tolerance limits for price variances.

When processing a purchase order, the system checks whether the effective price of a PO item shows variances compared with the valuation price stored in the material master record. In addition, it checks whether the specified cash discount value is admissible.

Variances are allowed within the framework of tolerance limits. If a variance exceeds a tolerance limit, the system issues a warning or error message.

In the SAP System, the types of variance are represented by the tolerance keys. For each tolerance key, you can define percentage and value-dependent upper and lower limits per company code.

Standard settings

The standard SAP System supplied contains the following tolerance keys:

PE Price variance, Purchasing

Tolerance limit for system message no. 207. This message appears if the specified effective price exceeds the predefined tolerances when compared with the material price.

SE Maximum cash discount deduction, Purchasing

Tolerance limit for system message no. 231. This is a warning message, which appears when the specified cash discount percentage exceeds the predefined tolerances.


You can specify whether the system message appears as a warning or error message using the menu options Environment -> Define Attributes of System Messages.


Maintain the tolerance limits for each tolerance key per company code.