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REM Planned Order's with Order Type : LA

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Hello all,

Need your guidance again.

The planned order's generated from the Planning table are created with order type PE(Run Schedule Quantity), whereas the ones that are generated (through MRP run) from the requirements via Demand Management are defaulted to order type : LA.


1. REM indicator is activated and a valid REM profile is maintained as well.

2. Prod version is allowed with REM.

3. Necessary Scheduling Parameters are defined in OPU5.

what do i miss here ?

Please do help me out.



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Hello all,

Upon reviewing the planned order's of both the types (LA and PE) i could see one difference among them which is nothing but the storage location.

The one with type PE has a valid value in the storage location field whereas the other one (type LA) has no value in the storage location field.

Upon manual filling of the storage location entry i see the order type being changed to PE from LA.

The receiving location in the production version concerned  and prod. storage location in MRP 2 has a value of  '1000' (storage location) maintained but still the planned order generated dint have them determined.

I had multiple MRP runs carried out with planning mode 3 (Delete and Recreate) but still they weren't determined on few planned order.

The MRP type used here is 'P1 - fixing type 1' which wouldn't change the procurement proposals right after it's creation i mean changes done later to it's creation ? correct me if wrong

But as here there weren't any changes to the prod storage location and receiving storage location in the recent while.

Am all confused, Please share your thoughts.



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Hi, In my case Repetitive mfg tick is not there in planned order. could you please help me to solve this ?