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Hi All, in my company, we have set up release strategies for purchase requisitions in the following way:

Supervisor: Release code 01

Manager; Release code 02

Director of finance: Release code 03

VP: Release code 04

Right now, VP can only release if each of the low levels release code has already released. For example, VP can't release on behalf of supervisor.

The management want us to change this process so that a given release code  should be able to release on behalf of any of his low level release code.

So the new process should be

Manager can release on behalf of Supervisor

Director of finance can release on behalf of Supervisor and manager

VP can release on behalf of Director of finance, manager, supervisor.

Please let me know how I can set it up

Thank You very much.

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Answers (3)

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Thank You very much Ashutosh, Thank You very much Prasoon, I will explore your solutions and I will let you know.

Thank You.

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If you have implemented your release strategy correctly and have implemented workflow than below steps could help you. This will be done by Basis Team.

Do you have Workflow implemented for release strategy.

In the case of a release procedure linked to workflow, you must have previously created the user names, positions, jobs, etc. that you here assign to the release code in the organizational plan and must have linked them to the relevant standard tasks in task-specific Customizing (Basis -> Business Management -> Business Workflow -> Perform Task-Specific Customizing).

You Need to have  4 roles (authorization,  each for different Release code. In Role Authorization you need to assign release codes for object M_EINK_FRG.

You must assign the authorization M_EINK_FRG to the persons who are to be involved in the release procedure (Authorization Management -> Create Authorization Profiles and Assign to Users).

After giving the authorization you need to assign role 1 to release code 01, assign role 1&2 to release code 02, assign role 1.2&3 to release code 03 and role 1.2.3&4 to release code 04.

I hope this will resolve your issue.

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   You may check the below options:

  • Maintain the release pre-requisites as blank for all the release codes and control the complete release based on release indicators for the set of releases (in release status). Now every release codes can release once the PO is created as there is no pre-requsite.
  • Control through release code authorization - provide the release code the authorization for his own release code as well as the low level release codes. For example, the release role for the manager will have the authorization for release code for supervisor as well.

    Check the same and revert back.