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Release Creation Profile

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How to Create Release creation profile that been use for JIT in scheduling agreement?

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Go to SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Scheduling Agreement > Maint. Rel. Creation Profile for Sched. Agmt. w. Rel. Docu.

Maint. Rel. Creation Profile for Sched. Agmt. w. Rel. Docu.

In this step, you can define the release creation profile.

The latter is an instrument for determining which criteria are used to generate releases against a scheduling agreement and transmit them to the vendor.

You assign the creation profile to the scheduling agreement item in the additional data.

The creation profile controls the creation periodicity of the releases and - starting from the current date of release creation - the way in which the quantities are aggregated.

In the release creation profile, you can define

o General Parameters

- Which creation strategy is the basis for JIT delivery schedules and scheduling agreements.

- How backlog and immediate requirements are taken into account during release creation.

o Aggregation and release horizon

- If and how schedule lines should be aggregated during release creation.

o Release creation periodicity

- With which periodicity scheduling agreement releases are created

o Tolerance profile

- That for releases created as a result of changed schedule lines, the system performs a tolerance check

o Internet release

- Whether an Internet release is created during release creation