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Reimbursement amounts per diem for meals/hours domestic trip ?

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I have a problem with amount of calculation in tc PR05 only for domestic trip. "Wrong" amount of calculation by hours.

I have the following configuration:

By above configuration

0 - 8 hours ------ 0 BAM

8 - 12 hours ------ 12.50 BAM

12 - 24 hours ----25.00 BAM

for example on tc: PR05 if trip duration is 13 hours I should get 25 BAM but in some reason I got 17.50 BAM for duration of trip beetween 13 -24 hours ? I don't understand from where take this logic of calculation?

This "problem" I have only for domestic trip/country. For other countries which have the same configuration above I got a correct amount of calculation in tc PR05, 25 BAM for 13 hours.

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