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regarding unicode

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Hi friends,

There are many non unicode programs in the server.How can i identify all unicode programs and how to covert non unicode programs to unicode.Please share as early as possible



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sekar,

To identify how many reports will be impacted after the Unicode conversion you have a SAP standard Tcode "UCCHECK". You can use this transaction only in unicode compliant system i.e. 620 (R/3 4.7) & onwards.

If your customer is with release 4.6C or lower then you have to do the Sandbox system upgrade first & then find the impact.

Hope this will help you, do revert if you need any more details.

Best Regards,


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thanks sachin, can you tell me the steps to perform nonunicode to unicode give me suggestion as early as possible

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Hi Sekar,

The are many documents which are available for how to make the programs Unicode compatible.

Step 1

In non-Unicode system

Adapt all ABAP programs to Unicode syntax and runtime restrictions

Set attribute "Unicode enabled" for all programs

Step 2

Set up a Unicode system

Unicode kernel + Unicode database

Only ABAP programs with the Unicode attribute are executable

Do runtime tests in Unicode system

Check for runtime errors

Look for sematic errors

Check ABAP list layout with former double byte characters

Use UCCHECK to analyze your applications:

Remove errors

Inspect statically not analyzable places (optional)

Untyped field symbols

Offset with variable length

Generic access to database tables

Set unicode program attribute

using UCCHECK or SE38 / SE24 / ...

Do additional checks with SLIN (e.g. matching of actual and formal parameters in function modules)

Refer following links for more details.

Hope this will help you, do revert if you need any more info.

Best Regards,


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Check the unicode conversion guides for your release/support package level at


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