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Regarding PU00 and PA41 transaction

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Dear Frendz,

I need to check the log of all the personnel numbers that got deleted in PU00 transaction and all the log of personnel numbers that are changed using PA41 transaction.

Can anybody help me with table for the above two scenarios.

Its urgent and any type of support would be appreciable.

Points will be rewarded for sure.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Ameet,

not sure how detailed your info needs to be, however I suggest the following solution till somebody else is sending you a better one

T-code S_AHR_61015505

IT0000 would be affected every time there is a change of dates or the deletion of PERNR through PU00 or PA41.

I would suggest to run the above report selecting IT0000, the Changed on date, and the Output in ALV box.

This will give you a report that is showing you for which PERNR the IT0000 was changed by who and when. If you double click on the PERNR a more detailed screen will open and then you can see there what type of action was run ( D - deleted, U -update,...).

If you need to see all the IT's that got changed then leave the IT box empty.

Hope it helps,


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I am not sure if we will able to pull the log of deleted PERNRs. But certainly you can track the changes made through PA41. Use report RPUAUD00 (Logged Changes in Infotype Data) to do an audit of the infotype changes.

Pl do reward if this helps.