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Regarding Excise Transaction Types

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Dear All,

I need a clarification on Excise Transaction Type.

While we are cancelling an Excise invoice using J1IH, we are selecting "Other adjustments".

So the Excise Transaction Type should be OTHR. This is my understanding.

But MRDY got selected. I am confused how MRDY got selected when I am select "Other adjustments". Please clarify.

Also there is a requirement to change the G/L as wrong G/L updated previously.

Now, based on this MRDY ETT, we have updated our G/L.

But it is taking the G/L from OTHR, but in the cancellation I can see MRDY only.

Any suggestion??



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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While we are cancelling an Excise invoice using 
    J1IH, we are selecting "Other adjustments". 

This itself is wrong. You should select "Cancel exc.inv"


G. Lakshmipathi

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Hi Lakshmipathi,

You are correct. The same I told to customer. But for a long time, they are using "Other adjustments".

But I am not aware how they are managing their G/L.

I will try to insist on this point again.

Could you please give your suggestion for the remaining question I have raised in the previous question.

That will be useful for me.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Mullairaja;

It can occur because there is no balance in the register accounts

& the if there is no balance the system will not be able to post MRDY

(other adjustments) as this means that taking a certain value out of the

register. SInce the system cannot find it.

Have you included the RG23ECS,PLAECS,RG23AT1,PLAAT1 for the transaction

type MRDY in J_1itrnacc and also PLAECS, PLAAT1 for TR6C transcation

type, kindly include and try.

Best regards

Ruy Castro

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Dear Ruy Castro,

Sorry for asking the basic questions.

Why should i consider the Register value if G/L account is not posted to particular excise transaction type?

How register values affecting the G/L accounts?

When the document contains the ETT as MRDY, how it is picking the G/L A/C from OTHR?

If G/L Account is flowing from OTHR means, in the document it should OTHR instead of MRDY?

Another basic question is, How Excise Transaction will be determined?

Could you please clarify on these points?