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Regarding Automatic Sales order item category determination

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Hi experts,

I have a doubt regarding the automatic sales order item category determination.

My Scenario is like this: I am having 1 co code, 1 sales area, 1 material (fert type), 2 plants.

plant 1 item category group is given as NORM ( standard item) and in plant 2 same material's item category group is given as BANS (3rd party). i have done the req things in VOV4 - item catg assignments for both the plants accordingly.

My Requirment is that when i am creating a normal sales order (OR) using plant 1 sales item catg should automatically be determined as TAN( std) and when i am creating SO using plant 2 sales item catg should automatically be determined as TAS( 3rd party).

I know something like this can be done using 2 sales organisations but can i achieve the desired results using only 1 sales org? Is it possible in standard SAP system?

Thanks in advance.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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item cat is determined based on

sales doc type

item cat group


higher level item cat

so in no case the plant will be the deciding parameter.

so in ur case it is only sales doc type which can help, if u r not maintaining the cust mat info record (otherwise usage could have helped).



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Hemkant,

i guess you know how is Item Category determined in Sales Order:

Sales Doc Type + Item Cat Group in Mat Master + Higher level Item + Usage.

Now to fulfill your requirement you need to create two different Sales Doc types for 2 plants.

Thus you can maintain different item categories in VOV4 for each Sales Document type.

Hope this helps...


Jignesh Mehta

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Hi All,

Thanks to all of you for your valuable inputs, i think i am clear with my doubt now.

So finally the answer to my question would be that it cant be done with one sales org, either you have 2 seperate sales orgs or you customise and have 2 seperate sales doc types.

Please correct me if i am wrong.



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Hi Hemkant,

As suggested above the Item Category gets determined using Sales Document type. This

document could be assigned to different sales orgs aswell(OVAZ). So the solution here is that maintain

two materials (for the same material-- WITH same description and values in MM01) with one with item category group "BANS" and the Other with "NORM". As you have already maintained the Item Cat determination, system should pick the correct Item Category.


Ram Pedarla

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The item category group is assigned at the level of sales organisation and distribution channel. hence at plant level it does not differ

you would have to change one of the parameters, sales document type /

or sales organisation ,distribution channel to have a item a category group assigned and then have a default categroy set in

hope this helps