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Reg: Update Button Terminates my AddOn

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Hi All,

I am create one addon. It's transaction object havine some fields in header and 1 grid in detail part.

After creating the form. I bound all the controls with db field. including matrix.

Form Mode is also working properly.

Insertion of record is working fine. but when I update any row from the matrix and click on update button. It updates the row and terminates my addon.

When I delete any row from matrix it deletes from the matrix and press update button it insert new blank row in database and addon terminates.

I saw UDO Sample from SDK. It uses different technic. I mean it updates / insert manually though we have this functionally in sap screen. It manage automatically.

Is there any help.... please help me.

Edited by: Manish Chourasia on Jun 10, 2008 10:17 AM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Is your form an UDO or a User Form ?

did you try getting the error with error handling ? (try ... catch)

lg David

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I have created a user define table and register it without default form option. I create the form by my own using SDK and as far as error tracing concern. this event occurs after inner event occurs. It terminates addon before firing our Item event

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