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Reg:Process Order Notification

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Hi Experts,

I have a clarification that while doing process order,after usage decision a notification will be automatically generated, if in the usage decision the user selected rework, then after activating it it should go to production order screen where they will create a production order after this flow, so i just want to display production order screen when they select rework in usage decision, i just want as in the case of production order where we will get production order screen when we give rework in conformation.

could you please say how to achieve this scenario?

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Dear Suresh

The same requirement was recently discussed. Please check the below link

Link: []



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Hi Gajesh,

Thanks for your quick reply it was helpful in that link they are calling production order scenario but mine is a process order scenario,since am new to PP i have some more doubts like i will create an action point and i will call function module BAPI_PROCORD_CREATE which is process order but my doubt is how could make material number,order number from this usage decision and pass to Process order screen i just want to pass don't save because they will check and save.