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reg:Double network creation issue(MSP TO SAP)

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I am trying to transfer SAP project(having WBS only and No activity in SAP) to MSP.

After downloading of project from SAP to MSP having WBS only i am creating activity in MSP and then again uploading it to SAP.In SAP one network get created.After that i am including some more WBS in SAP and again downloaded to MSP.And then in MSP i am creating another activities and then uploading in SAP.

Then some times double network is getting created and sometimes single network reside into project in SAP.Why this problem is occurring during uploading to SAP.In my scenario i want to create only one network for whole project.

SAP(No activity,only WBS)--


MSP(activity created)--

Uploaded->SAP(one network created)

SAP(WBS included in project)---Downloaded--->MSP

MSP( new activity added)--

Uploaded>SAP(sometimes two network created and sometimes one)

Kindly give me some guidance to resolve this issue.

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Answers (1)

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Whether any experts can give some idea in resolving this issue.


Rohit Prakash