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refresh button in output

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Hi ,

I completed an ALV report for a quotation. In the output, I included a checkbox and an approve button. When I clicked the approve button, the vbeln and other details were uploaded to a SQL database. I also included custome filed in a vbak for approval it will update X in that field . The issue is that when I press the refresh button, the approved line should not appear in the output how to delete that line item. , the output would not have the approved line.

Thanks in advance ,

Mohamed Fareedh

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Answers (1)

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LOOP at lt_temp1 INTO ls_temp1 WHERE flag = 'X'.

SELECT * from vbak INTO TABLE @DATA(it_fin2) WHERE vbeln = @ls_temp1-vbeln .
READ TABLE it_fin2 INTO DATA(wa_fin2) WITH KEY vbeln = ls_temp1-vbeln .

DELETE it_final1 WHERE vbeln = wa_fin2-vbeln .