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Reduce withdrawal quanity for non-stock component

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We have a production order with a non-stock component (item category N) with 3 qty that created a purchase requisition. The PR was converted into a PO with 3 qty. Before the GR was done on the PO the qty on the production order was changed to 1. When the GR was done for the PO, it was done for 3 qty and the production order consumed 3 qty of the component though the requirement qty was changed to 1. The production order is now showing the requirement qty as 1 and withdrawn qty as 3. We did actually receive 3 qty from the vendor.

Please advise how we can move the remaining 2 to be taken off the production order and placed in the inventory or if that's not possible because the component is a non-stock item please advise what should be done to reconcile the production order component qty.

Any help is much appreciated.



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I believe this maybe one of the reasons SAP recommends to use special procurement key instead of item category N for direct procurement.

One way to fix your problem would be to go to MB1A enter movement type 262, plant and storage location and hit enter. Once you enter next screen enter the order number and the material and 2qty and save it. You will have the material in stock.

Another solution would be to cancel the GR for the PO, change the quantity to 1 from 3, add a new line item in the PO for quantity 2 with a storage location and do a goods receipt for both. You will be issuing 1qty directly to the production order and you will receive the other (from 2nd line item) into warehouse stock.