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Recording Attendence/Absences without clock times in Negative Time Recording

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Hello Experts,

We have got a request for switching off clock times in Personnel Area which has employees with negative time recording. While testing these employees in DEV, I found that the planned working hours don't get delimited for the absences/attendances when clock times are not entered. If I enter the clock times, the Time pairs for planned hours get delimited. E.g. Employee has 8 hours of shift during a day out of which he is absent for 2 hours. If I enter the clock times for these 2 hours, The Planned Hour Time pair in table TIP gets delimited to 6 hours after function P2001 in Time Evaluation. But if I don't enter clock times, Planned Hour Time pair remains 8 hours after function P2001.

How to make the system delimit Planned Hour Time pair for an absence/attendance without clock times? Is it at all posible to use time recording without clock times for Negative Time recording?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Shakil Goriya

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Have you maintained the Feature HRSIF?

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