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Reconciliation of losses and wastes in subcontracting.


SAP Experts,

Query :

I have a query regarding the reconciliation of losses and waste generated from vendor side during subcontracting.

Detailed Explanation :

We follow the standard subcontracting process i.e. create BOM in CS01, -> create PR -> Create Subcon PO -> issue material to subcon vendor through 541 movement type -> Create subcon challan through J1IGSUBCON -> then receive material from subcon vendor through 101 / 543 movement type -> create invoice -> Do reconciliation through J1IGRECON.

Now, as per Indian Govt norms, the govt. also has made it mandatory to file GSTR returns for "losses and waste" in ITC-04 every quarter.

Requried Resolution :

Is there any standard approach to capture and reconcile "losses and waste" during subcontracting in SAP? else, if we need to customize it, what should the approach to capture and reconcile it?


Vignesh Bhatt

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Answers (1)

Active Contributor

Hi Vignesh,

Please check whether below SAP notes you can use or not -

2689061 - GST India S4HANA: Corrections to subcontracting reconciliation process

2679594- GST India S4HANA: Subcontracting Reconciliation Corrections


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Hi Ankur,

I checked the notes, but it doesn't give any clarity about how to capture "losses and wastes" that subcontractor sends against the material and it's process for reconilication.


Vignesh Bhatt