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Receipt from production

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Hello Experts,

System doesn't prompt while receipt from production for the specific route stage.

As it gives pop-up while issue for production.

Is there some setting to enable it.


Vimal Singh

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Answers (4)

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Dear its system behavior stages are for issuance of material and for receipts it will be once because you will receipt when one item is finished and this feature is for items which require stages and different material for each stage. I think what you are talking is BOM and sub BOM in your scenario each stage should have its own BOM and one stage is dependent on material received from previous stage as this material will be component for next stage.

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Thanks Aziz and Nagarajan,

When i do issue for production, system prompts and let me know that for which route stage I want to issue materials.

But when I perform receipt from production I want the system to give me the same prompt that i want to receipt for which stage.

How to do it?

I can issue multiple time as per the route stages are defined in the production order but I can receipt only one, I want to receipt as per the route stages.

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What is your expectation while receipt from production?



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Hi Vimal,

You can use the message service, but you will need to create a user query that checks for new receipts and then set up a schedule in the Alerts Management window in Administration -> Alerts Management.

Thank you,

Aziz EL Mir