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Rebate: Has anyone posted a Debit Memo on Settlement.

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Hello Gurus,

I need to map 'Vendor Reimbursement based on the volume sold by the Distribution Centre' scenario within standard SAP & I have thought of using 'Rebate Agreements' in SD-Billing but am stuck with incorrect provision reversals happening when I post the settlement document; hence a request for help.


Our client is a retail company running distribution as well as retail operations & at the end of each month, the accounting folks carry out subsequent settlements (with the suppliers/vendors) of amount spent by the company on behalf of the suppliers, for example 'Sales Force compensation' meant for promoting suppliers product within their or franchise stores.

At the end of each month, the supplier reimburses the cost after a debit memo is raised by the distribution centre, the amount of settlement is based on the sales volume of the distribution centre.

My Solution:

A customer rebate agreement in SD wherein the rebate recipient will be the supplier (customer code has to be used). Rebate & Accural rate is maintained in the rebate condition based on material. At the time of invoice creation, this condition is automatically determined & accrual happens once the accounting document is posted.

Problem Area:

Now when I try to partially or finally settle the rebate agreement by posting debit memo (Billing) the accruals increase instead of decreasing !!! Things are fine until the debit memo request is created. For example:

Current Accrual in Rebate Agreement - Condition is -9u20AC

Partial Settlement is carried out with Debit Memo request for 5u20AC

If you go back into the agreement it shows maximum of -4u20AC available for settlement, which is correct.

Now, when I convert the Debit Memo request into a Debit Memo (Billing), the accrual becomes -14u20AC !!!

Any idea what's going wrong, I have setup the pricing, rebates everything similar to Credit Memo; the only difference being the request type in agreement definition.



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Am closing this issue as the proposed solution worked out correctly with minor modifications in Pricing.

Anyways thanks for your time.


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