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Reassign From HTTP to HTTPS & Moving from"DefaultWebsite"to"Website in IIS"

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Hello we have been developing and testing using Netpoint with HTTP and now the client wishes to move to HTTPS. The problem however is that the client is running multiple WEB applications on the Web Server and we need to move the Netpoint Application from Default Website to the upper "Echleons" of Website in IIS and reassign the IP address and the port to 80 . Does anyone if we are going to have issues with 1) Licensing 2 ) Installation Conflicts with other web apps 3) Port Settings 4) Finally Any Changes that we need to perform on Netpoint.

regards - Richard

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Hey Richard ... to reassign from http to https ... do you just want to do this during checkout or for the whole site? If you only need it for checkout, there is a section called webflow in the admin where this is configured. Basically you identify a source page (commerce/shipping.aspx) and a destination page (commerce/billing.aspx) and check the Secure checkbox. Netpoint will recognize when you come from shipping and redirect to billing but also use https now.

The other changes in IIS they should not cause any problem assuming you are using 596. WebTools may be more difficult since it keeps track of instances for upgrading, etc so in that case you may need to reinstall into a new website.