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Reading Incumbent and Position data in SuccessionPlanning

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Hi All:

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced an issue with the SuccessionPlanning module where the organizational hierarchy can be viewed, and the position/holder names are displayed in the hierarchy view. However, when clicking on the position/holder for more information, the view details pane that comes up is unable to display little to no information about the holder or the position.

So, for instance, if I were to click on the Position box for the Janitor position which was held by John Doe, the pane that opens up for more details the position and the incumbent lists his name as "n/a n/a".

I likely have a broader issue, because my searches for all positions and all talents yield no results and the log file tells me the dataset brought back no results which just isn't possibe, but I'm a little stumped because I HAVE actually connected to SAP with my connection string and am able to retrieve some data. For instance, I can see that the position Janitor is connected to job Custodial Enginner, which reflects ECC. However, if I go to change the job the position is tied to directly in Nakisa, I can't get any jobs to show up in the dropdown for jobs.

The ID I'm using in my connection string is able to retrieve all this data if I were to log directly into ECC.

Anyway, that's kind of a lot of info and I see most of the questions on here are about the OrgChart module, but since I'm a little stumped, I thought I'd give it a shot. If anyone has come across this issue before, I welcome any feedback you can offer. I'm using TVN 2.0 on ECC 6.0 ehp4.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I would strongly recommend installing Service Pack 1 (SP1) for SAP TVN 2.0 before you do anything more (especially if you haven't done any customisations yet). There is some very significant fixes in there.

You will find this on then follow:

SAP Support Packages ->

Support Packages and Patches - Entry by Application Group ->

SAP Solution Extensions by Partners ->

SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa -> .... sure you can follow the rest from there.

There is a zip file with code and a PDF install guide in. Just follow the steps, it will take you 1-2 hrs I guess.

Hope that helps.



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Hi Stephen:

Thanks for the reply. My issue, as it turned out happened to be due to the inability to create business partners correctly because some tables weren't brought in completely from the delivery client. Anyway, once I got the BPs genereated, I was on my way.

However, thanks for the information about Service Pack 1.0 for the respective Nakisa modules. I understand now too that Service Pack 2.0 is due out shortly.



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Hi Chris,

Service Pack 2.0 is due out at the end of October.

All the best,


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