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Re-work Production Orders

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Hi All,

Can any one explain me when we use Rework Production orders?. How many ways we can create Rework Production orders, if possible give me steps to simulate creating Rework orders.

Thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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Hi dear,Note the following

Rework order Creation

1) Normally rework order is created by t-code CO07

2) while doing confirmation of header material in CO11N or CO15, we give re-work quantity

3) then creat re-work order in CO07

4) in CO07, give plant then order type (rework order type) then enter

5) materail description, quantity to be reworked then date enter

6) system will ask u refernece opeartion set (it should be created before only in CA11)

7) then give the referce operation set Number then system will take u to settelment Rule

😎 here for CAT give as ord, then in settelment receiver give ur header order number then percentage as 100 %

9) then clcik on component overview icon, then give ur BOM componets (which to re-worked & assign an opeartion to it)

10) then save the order

11) then do the confirmation to re-work order

12) then do GR to header order & settelment will take place to header order only not to re-work order

Note : For rework work, GR will not take place but have acivity time booking in CO11N for certain operation level.

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Thanks Mangalraj and Deepak.

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Dear Aditya,

A simple search in PP forums can help you in finding many threads related to this topic.

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