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Re:- Report Painter

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hi sap kings

I am preparing report painter. Here i am facing problems. I am maintained all row/columns but system does not accept . It give earror message is "CO area must be specified -> Add in general data selections or rows/columns". Please suggest to me how to solve this earror.

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If you are creating form-based reports, after you have defined the report Layout, you have to create the Profitability report (Txn KE31). Here you can control if you want the user to enter the values of the CO Area during report execution or all relevant values get picked up during report execution.

If you want the user to enter the value of the CO Area during report execution, proceed as follows in Txn KE31 or KE32:

1) Select the CO Area & other Characteristics From the Characteristics list, To the Selected Characteristics in the Characteristics tab

2) If you want the user to enter the value of the CO Area during execution, check the Variable On/Off checkbox and specify a variable. You need to have already defined the variable for the CO area in Txn KE3E.

3) In the Variables tab you can specify a default value for the CO Area, which gets defaulted during report execution, which can be changed by the user during report execution.



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Adding further on basics

Report Painter report definition requires several Preparatory Steps, depending on the complexity of the report to be generated.

1) Create a library and pick your reporting tables.

2) Create your report

3) define your set up within the report

a)General data selections


c) rows

d) formulas

Standard layouts are maintained in the IMG "Financial Accounting" under "Special Ledger -> Information System -> Maintain standard layout.

Create libraries, which means assigning the


key figures

Predefined columns

For each of these categories you need to select the objects to be used in reports of the specific library. You define the sequence of the objects in the selection lists of the Report Painter in field "Position". Frequently used objects should be at the top of the list.


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Hi Ramu,

Perhaps first to put on paper what you want and then start bilding the report and you see wath you are missing;


Controlling arae (general selction)

Period from to (selection and collum)

Plan version (selection and collum)

Cost center (selction total in collum)

Cost element (selction total in line)

Don't forget value type and version (0 is actual)