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Raw material forecast

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dear Experts

I uploaded the raw material forecast through MD61 but system not generating the planned order.

Can you help me how to get the planned order.

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Dear ,

Couple of cheks for you :

1.What is the requirement Type you have choosen the User Paramters in MD61 screen ? It should VSF , version 00 and correct Planning Period , Plant Code .I would suggest you to check the same

2.Which txn are u trying to run the MRP ( MD01 with NETCH , Create PR -2, MRP List : 3 , Schedule Line : 1 , Scvhedluing -1 , Mark Display material before save )

3.Check the Planning File Entry of all those material in MDRE/MDAB/MD21

4.Check the Material Master Paramters : MRP Type -PD , Procumenet Type : F , Planning Startgey : 40 /10

5.Basically , based on Planning Stategy in MRP3 view , you can analysise the Requirement Type : 40 /VSF ( Check in Define Planning Strategy -SPRO-Detailk screen )

One question : Are you executing Total Forcast in MP38 or Indiviaully n then loading into MD61 through MD70 ? Please confirm or just like you are entering Manula Forecast Qty in MD61 table matererial by material ?