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Quota for production version : MRP on only one version

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I have a production with 2 different versions : 1 for internal, 1 for subcontracting.

I create a quota arrangement for 40% on version 0005 and 60% on version 0006.

When I run the MRP, all the planned order are on version 0005 (perhaps normal because it's the first of selection).

When I want to transform planned order to production order : I've got 2 message : 1 for the vendor and 1 to ask me that the version of the quota should be the 0006 (I've already transformed a planned order on version 0005).

But in the production order, the version is the worse : 0005 instead of 0006.

Is somebody could help me ?


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Answers (1)

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May I know the set-up you have in the quota arrangement? Are you using Quota Splitting?



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My quota arrangement is like that :

- procurement type E

- in-house production

- no vendror

- plant D001

- Version 0005 for 60%

- Version 0006 for 40%

No minimum quantity split.

I hope you'll be able to help me.