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"Form YB_LVSTALISTE language EN is not active and with no errors"

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I had configured a new Lean WM, i did the complete configuration for the same. But when I tried to save the transfer orders I am getting the error "Form YB_LVSTALISTE language EN is not active and with no errors". I have already checked in se71, this form does not exist, but previously in warehouse 010 (which I was using earlier) though the form was not in the system the trasfer orders were working perfectly.

Please help !

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is SD forum, there is another forum for WM.

I'm not sure why a missing form would cause a hard error in the document. Output is normally processed in a separate LUW and it should be possible to save the document even if there is an issue with the output (unless there was some custom development done or it works differently in WM, which I doubt). Most likely this form is assigned somewhere in the output configuration for the document in question. Since the form does not exist, it should be removed or replaced with a valid form.

I don't know enough about WM but, as you're saying that you've done the configuration, then I believe you should be able to check the output configuration as well.

Hope this helps.

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