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"FI: Postings" is not allowed (WBS XXXXXXX.XX.XX)

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Dear Gurus,

When i am trying to post a document to a WBS element i am getting the above mentioned error message:

Message no. BS007


The current status of object 'WBS XXXXX.XX.XX' prohibits business transaction 'FI: Postings'.


To process business transaction 'FI: Postings', you first have to change the status of object 'WBS F-00002.01.01' to allow the transaction 'FI: Postings'.

This gives you an overview of the system and user statuses that affect the transaction. A transaction can only be executed if there is at least one status that allows it and there is no status that forbids it.

Based on the above i have seen the project - WBS Element and there the below status is there

System Status: REL BUDG AUC AVAC

User Status: KENT

And then Acct. asst elem. is also active.

I don't know what status it should be there in order to post the documents. Can any one please guide me on this, in case it relates to budget problem - where should i see that budget amount for this WBS?

Many Thanks,

Kiran Yelamarthy

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It's connected to the status your WBS is. It could be that the user-status (KENT) is defined in a way that does not allow postings on WBS. You can view the allowed transactions for the status from the 'status' screen in WBS.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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It is connected to the status of the WBS, which must first of all be released. On the Master put the tick on 'Billing item" it will then allow the transaction.

Hope this helps



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Kindly verify the status of WBS.

Release the WBS and check.

Edited by: RAHUL SHAH on Jan 15, 2010 10:30 AM