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"Company Substance" definition?


I'm implementing Product Compliance, On-Prem, in a chemical business group. I've been working with version 2021 FPS01, that will very soon be updated to version 2023.

I'm lacking a proper definition for "Company Substance" to highlight its importance and need, especially for the, let's say, uninitiated. Can someone help me, please?

PS: One of my difficulties is finding proper help material, as the product Help pages can be rather confusing.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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to make it simple; first you need to understand the "Listed Substance". Then to generate a "composition": you need a "company substance". A Company substance can have a reference to a "listed substance". Important it the term "can have" (therefore it is not a "Must have").

Example: you buy a chemical material from a seller. The seller share e.g. the MSDS/SDS. May be you get "add on info".

E.g. you might get the info as "does not contain" (e.g. "Pb" etc.)

Now a "listed substance" is having a reference to a "CAS Number".

Now we have a CAS Number like "Polyethylene" (with out more data): for those who know chemistry... this is not "good enough",

So you will generate a "Company Substance" with reference to the "Polyethylene" and by assigning additional data you will try to define the "Polyethylene" as best as you can. And then you will use this "company substance" in a "composition",

For "Online help": Check e.g.:

You can "simply" make a "mapping". In EHS Classic we have the "LIST_SUB". This is similar to "Listed Substance"; and we have "PURE_SUB" which is similar to "Company substance"

There is a "small" difference (more a technical difference than a functional one.. 😞

In EHS CLassic you can allow to have a "composition" with "PURE_SUB" only. "LIST_SUB" only or both.

This is not allowed in "Product Compliance" any more.

For a "composition" you MUST use a "Company Substance". A "Company Substance" (having "inheritance" to a "Listed Substance" is getting as well data from "Listed Substance" content. This is an important feature.

Hope this helps.


PS: e.g. could be of interest as well

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Answers (1)

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Thank you Christoph!

This is helpul!