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questions about grid

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I have a grid what is binded to a query. I want to see the grid group by itemcode (that is why I set the CollapseLevel = 1, where 1 is the column item code). But, in the grid id' like to set in the column quatity and the row on which it collapse the grid (the row with the itemcode) the sum of quatities in the expanded list. How can I do that? (just like in Reporting, Inventory, Inventory Posting List where i have the name of the item above the detailed list of documents).

And also I'd like to know if I can get the position of a column of a grid in a form and it's properties (like width).

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The details you would like to set on the 'collapsed row' is unfortunately not possible as far as i know... This row is maintained by SBO and functions only as a group header and cannot be modified. (if someone knows how anyway, please report!)

I think that if you have the grid, you can ask for its 'columns' list and then find the column you will need. You will get a 'gridcolumn' object or so. Check the SDK help: 'grid/gridcolumn/edittextcolumn/etc'

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Gee, thanks! This has helped me a lot.

But also I'd like to know if I can add myself a row in the Grid (at it's end), or edit a cell in a row that is not already written.