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Query on HCM Processes and Forms

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I am facing some issues in configuring Hiring Forms in HCM Processes and Forms. I can place them in 2 baskets and describe each of them below. I would appreciate any advise on ways and means to overcome these errors.

Basket #1

I want to use the standard forms SHU1, SHU2 in development environment to understand the HCM P&F functionalities. I copied these form scenarios from client 000 and did all the configurations as outline in IMG activity HRAdministrative Services >> Configuration of Forms and Processes >> Sample Processes for HCM Process and Forms.

When I run a check using HR Administrative Services >> Configuration of Forms and Processes >> Configuration of Forms >> Check Consistency of Form Scenarios and select Form name, I get errors along following lines:

u2022 Error Message Sample#1 Form scen SHU1 vers. 00000 serv. SAP_PA: Only one deflt value allowed for field I0009_ZLSCH

u2022 Error Message Sample#2 Form scen. SHU1 vers. 00000 service SAP_PA: Field I0007_ARBST default value is not created

u2022 Error Message Sample#3 ISR scenario SHU1 version 00000: Field I0001_BUKRS is missing

u2022 Error Message Sample#4 Form scen. SHU1 vers. 00000: Field I0007_ARBST service for default values not required

However, at the bottom of the log I see this message in Green: Form scenario SHU1 version 00000: Form scenario is consistent

I tried to make the changes as suggested in the Long Text for each of these messages. Probably due to the fact that I am using standard delivered forms, I get this message u201CDo not make any changes (SAP entry)u201D and I am unable to save the changes.

Basket #2

In this basket I have Org_Change form and have managed to go the whole nine yards and complete the configuration in ECC. The consistency checks for process and forms are in green. However, I am unable to start the process through Portal. I get this message u201Cno data availableu201D when I try to select a process.

Among the 5 roles delivered in SAP as initiators for processors u2013I am interested in 3 of them HRASARA (for HR Administrator). I have configured HRASRA and HRASRB as initiators for Org_Change. However, I am not able to figure out how to link these roles to portal roles such as SAP_ASR_ADMINISTRATOR, SAP_ASR_MANAGER etc.

I would appreciate any advise on ways and means to overcome these errors.



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Have you been able to fix your issue in Basket # 2 ?