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Query on deprecated APP

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Hi Experts,

My customer identified the deprecated app is still in Q, but successor app is already in P now.

They would like to knowwhy the successor app is in production already ? It is enable by customer itself?

If P is already enabled the new app, but Q is still on depreciated app, how this is affecting P after upgrade? Because customer has 17 application links with new app in production.

Customer notes below:

The successor app (Manage Situation Types - Extended) is not present in the QA system, but the deprecatedapp is still there. So when the Production environment is upgraded we will not be able to use the new application as I do not believe it will exist in any catalog.

Ref to the below change:

Asset Accounting (SAP S/4HANA)

Asset Acquisition: Deprecated Apps

The following apps will be deleted in a future release: Post Acquisition (Non-Integrated) - With Automatic Offsetting Entry (ABZO), Post Post-Capitalization (ABNAN), Post Credit Memo - In Year of Invoice (ABGL), Post Credit Memo - After Year of Invoice (ABGF), and Post Quantity Adjustment (ABQAL). Instead, you can use the app Post Asset Acquisition - And Quantity Adjustment (F6488).

One of the catalogs associated with this change is -SAP_FIN_BC_AA_DOC_PROC_PC

Currently in Production, this has 17 Applications linked to it, in QA it only has 1 .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Normally if the app is planned to deprecated and announced in what's new documents in each version and CFD version, it will disappear in fiori launchpad from that release, but it can still be found via app finder,but it will be finnally deleted in the furture release (eg:after 2 releases).

For your case, I suggest the following actions can be done:
1.Search apps in app finder to check if the deprecated app can be found;
2.Kindly check the info for deprecated apps,
3.Report an incident in case the situation you described is real, use the component the app belongs to;

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