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Quantity/volume incentive received from Customer

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Hi Experts,

My client is GTA ( Goods transport Service ) provider and they are using SAP ECC 6.0 business scenario is given below.

1. Received order from customer for transport goods from A to B station - Book sale order in sap with service material ( With variant configuration)

2. Create delivery & shipment.

3. After POD generate invoice with reference to delivery with Freight charge.

Now they have received new contract in which customer provide quantity/volume incentive : -

XYZ Ltd. customer provide contract for transport goods from A to B station for that agreed freight charge is amount Rs. 2200/ Per Ton. Additional condition is that if we transport greater then 5000 TON material with in month than customer increase our price and provide to us 300/- Per Ton as quantity/volume incentive.

I read some topic on this like Incentive , commission , Deals , Promotion but all is these related for Payment & Discount on base of sale.

What is best sap practice for this.


Suresh Kumar

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Answers (2)

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As stated by Mr.Mozzam this is not in standard process.

it appears  Reverse of Rebates

All the rebate conditions are with -ve sign,in your case they need to be maintained +ve

and finally raise a Debit memo to the customer

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In SAP ECC we have rebates, incentive and commission etc but all are credits for customer. What you are talking about is kind of debit note to customer. I have never seen any best practice for this. I don't think so in SD there is such utility which can cover this functionality using standard SAP process. You might have do this manually or create a Z program which can calculate the weight and post debit note accordingly.

Please correct me if my understanding is not as per your requirement.