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When I am creating a quality notification of type V3. The new notifications are getting created with notification numbers are sporadically being assigned and in 80% of the cases they are not increasing by one.

In our quality system (QA), the number assignment is working correctly but not in production. The configuration in QA is identical to that in Production.

What is causing this issue?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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The configuration is almost most definitely not the same between your QA system and production system.  The assignment of the quality notification numbers can be affected by several things.  One of course is if the numbers are given at the time of creation or time of saving.  If at the time of creation than you can "lose" numbers because some times the user exits without saving the notification.

How numbers are assigned also depends on the number of front end or application servers your system has.  Usually a production system will have multiple servers while a QA system may only have one.  To speed processing, the system can pre-assign a group of numbers to the different servers.  This saves communication to the back-end servers and can impove performance.  The number of numbers given to each server for each object is usually set by your BASIS team members.  This can be adjusted but can result in performance issues.  Also, if a server is taken down for any reason, planned or unplanned, any numbers remiaing in the buffer are lost and when it reboots, a fresh group of numbers are given to the server and the unused ones are lost forever.

This link provides a more technical explanation:

This link explains the configuration:

From a procedural standpoint, DO NOT allow anyone to write in any procedures anywhere, for any SAP object. that consecutive numbers will be assigned or that any audits or reviews will expect an explanation for every missing number.  This is not required by any auditing agency.  It only becomes required when you write the requirement into your procedures or in some other way make it mandatory or highlight it in such a way that it brings it to the attention of an auditor.


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