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Quality Certificates for Finished Goods

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Dear Friends,

Please guide me to map in SAP for the below Scenarios of Quality Certificates.

There are two types of Certificates for Finished Products

1. Permanent Certificates

We have certifications from some Institutes for Finished products.

e.g. TUV: IEC 61215 Ed.2, IEC 61730 & UL1703

These Certificates are sent to customers only on Demand.

I want to create all these certificates in SAP and assign materials to them. Print should come manually.

2. IV Testing Report (Certificates for each Product).

Each Product is tested by a machine for its efficiency and power. A Current-Voltage relationship Graph is produced by the Machine. We call it IV TESTING REPORT. Each product has its IV Testing Report and it is sent with the product to customers.

Print of this certificate should come automatically with each Billing Invoice in SD.


Prashant Atri

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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1.For the external document assign a document type and develop a program to uplaod this document type eg Matl & Batch combination.You can print this document when ever you need.

2. For the Certificate that you want to send with each delivery, for this document assiugn a document type and develop a program with output determination type in SD, which calls this document type, so at the time of batch determination during PGI, the document is called and a certificate is printed,

You need a developer to meet your requirement.


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These requirements can all be handled by the standard SAP COA process. You simply have to create a couple of different SAP script forms. One for the stand COA where you report out the values where you actually test the product via your machine, (requirement 2).

For the frost requirement, you need to reproduce and send copies of outside certifications. I assume you actually have a paper copy of these and that these are for specific products. For these, you create separate COA outputs, one for each cert type. You create a SAPscript form for each. These forms will be identical with but one exception. In the form, instead setting it up for reporting characteristics and product info, you create it with one frame that is a bitmap. (your programmers should be familiar with doing this for putting on company logos on various forms). Instead of displaying a logo in those frame, you display the bitmap image of the cert you want to use. So the SAPcript is very easy, just a single bitmap along with anything else you decide you want to include on the form.

All your certs can then be sent automatically at time of delivery just like any regular COA.


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