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Qty Conversion error in Invoice

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Dear All,

I have a case, Material Base UoM is Drum (DR) and UoM conversion was maintained in material master with 1 DR = 450 LB (pound)

Pricing condition record has been maintained as below:

On 03.11.2023, an order was created for 8 DR, ZPLS condition calculation seems ok.

8 x 450 x 1.15500 = 4,158 USDN

After PGI on 09.11.2023, our batch job picked this delivery due for Billing. In the Invoice, we noticed the price was incorrect and it was due to ZPLS condition calculation.

I don not understand why the qty conversion did not happen during Invoice creation. I also checked the change log of Material master and found no changes to Unit of measure,

Could you suggest what could have gone wrong?



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Answers (1)

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Can you share the Item Detail screen shot from sale order also ? Also, is the field "Qty conversion" ticked for your ZPLS ?

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"Qty Conversion" is enabled for ZPLS and the conversion is working fine in sales order.

Any particular check should be checked within Item detail screen shot?