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QR implementation in Sap BYD


Dears, Hope you're doing well.

I would like to know how to set up QR code for invoice and material in BYD.
Thanks in Advance.
Best Regards

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This can be achieved

what exactly output you really need , in print form or soft copy ?

I have developed an application/software for QR code as per my requirement for storing data.


CA Chandresh Jain

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This will be for the static information.

If you are looking for dynamic you need to get support from the technical team. I am sure it will be possible.

Do keep us posted if you get an update on the dynamic posting of QR code.

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To the invoice you can add in the invoice layout using the PDF editor

On the material master you can use the attachment and save them as attachment.

If they are unique to a customer you need to have an unique identifier program created in the backend to run them where you need to get the support of technical person for in detail solution.

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Hey Ashok,

Thanks for your answer,

Just for further clarification. Is there a dynamic field for QR code in PDF editor that can shows these information for me :

1- Name Supplier

2- Tax number and tax rate

3- Invoice date

4- Net value

or did you mean static information?