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QM PP - inprocess inspection

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Hi SAP gurus

Please help!

I have created inspection characteristics in routing. material with inspection type 3.

Operation 10 -> insp char weight quantitative

operation 20 -> insp char surface finish quantitative

operation 30 -> final operation gr to be done.

we want is unless we do result recording and UD for operation 10 operation 20 should not be confirmed. and so on.

presently i am able to confirm all the operations without result recording or UD, this makes UD almost irrelevant. can we control this.

Also am new to QM .... can some one help me with some documents on QM in PP.



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Answers (4)

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Thanks for the reply... points awarded!!!!

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Hi Abhishek,

For your requirement --

Transaction OPK4. Go into details of the appropriate plant / order type combination

Tab page - Generally valid settings

For "operation sequence", select "error when operation sequence is not adhered to"

For "results recording (QM)", select "error message if no inspection results exist"

Once you do these settings, unless you carry out results recording for operation 10, you cannot do it for operation 20 and so on...

This is in the config.

You also have to maintain the appropriate master data- QM view in material master, inspection characteristics in task list, etc. which i suppose you have already done.

Please get back in case there is a problem.


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Hi Abhishek,

Your query

"presently i am able to confirm all the operations without result recording or UD, this makes UD almost irrelevant. can we control this?"



Under General Valid Settings tab

Checks subscreen

Against Result Rec(QM) Select

1 Error message if no insp.results exist

Check the following links to understand better

[Inspection Lots |]

[Processing of Inspection Results|]

Hope this helps



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Pl. check the following -

1) In material master of material (for which the production order is created) whether you have activated the inspection type 03 (Inspection during production) & maintained the details such as Inspection by task list & check characteristics).

2) In the reouting of the material you have maintained control key as QM04 for the respective inspection type.

After the aboe data is maintaiend then system will mandate you to record results in QM lot before confirming the operation in Production Order. Also check whether inspection lot was created & assigned to the production order after it is released.