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QM-Inspection Lot Specification changes

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Dear Gurus,

We have maintained some specifications in the inspection plan.

during Delivery, Inprocess during process order relese Lot got generated with specifications maintained in the inspection plan.

Now user finds a problem in the specification, so he corrected in the inspection plan.

Is there any possibility of read again the master data for new specification for the already existing lot.

or is there any possibility of editing the inspection lot with new specification.

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Siva

You can attach the new specification, if there has been no result recording or any activity confirmation done for the lot. Here is the steps for assigning the inspection plan again

1) Go to QA02

2) Menu > INspection lot > Reset Sample

3) Enter & Save

4) QA02

5) Inspection specification > Assign task list by click on Task/ specification

6) Go to Sample, do the SAmple calculation

7) Save

😎 Check whehter lot status is Rel



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