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QM in Oil & Gas

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Hello in the inspection of a gas pipeline, I have several data collection instruments (Scada), I need to register each result of the Scada, in a period of one month, each scada places it as a job, and each sampling is by time, then I must create an inspection point per hour. I'm thinking about applying inspection class 09, with periodic verification. With inspection point. The feature with defect input to activate a quality notification. the valuation of the automatic inspection point, that when an erroneous result is sent an email to the quality control team. What is not working for me is the creation of the point of inquisition, it does not specify the closest time of entry of result, proposed. The evaluation of the inspection point does not warn me by default that the mail was sent, when its valuation is error (I am using a catalog to enhance the inspection point). I would like to know how you planted the solution in SAP for quality control in gas pipelines.

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