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Purchasing Enhancement using FM

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Background story:

We have SAP BP Baseling running in our company.

We are trying to control purchasing in our company using Funds Management (i.e. any PR/PO that contains an item that belongs to a cost element/GL account that has exceeded the budget will issue a warning and be blocked till the budget is upgraded).

We've done the basic configuration for PSM-FM (creating FM area, assigning FM etc. according to Config guide 951-FM basic settings).

We want to convert our CO Plan (Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance found with transaction S_ALR_87013611) to a budget.


What should our commitment item heirarchy look like?

How do I view the commitment item heirarchy after creating it?

Do we need to create funds/fund centers?

How do I convert our CO plan to a budget?

How do I assign the commitment items to our cost elements (GL accounts)?

Is there any documentation that'll help apart from SAP library?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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a) You can define the hierarchy only after due analysis of all your functional requirements for budget management


c) fund centre is mandatory object when you implement FM; fund is optional.


e) via master data of G/L (FS00) or via FMDERIVE

f) SDN



P.S. Please, respect the rules of the forum and ask onnly one question per thread.

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