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Purchasing assets with project

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Dear PS experts,

I have some queries on the scenario on "Purchasing Assets with Projects".

Really hope that you guys can help me on this area.

The scenario:

1.I have created a project ( t-code CJ20N) and create a fixed asset ( with the assignment of WBS element in 'Time-dependant' tab in Asset Master) (t-code AS01).

2. Budget has been allocated for all the WBS created in this project.

3. Budget availability checked is activated.

4. Using t-code ME21N PO is being created using account assignment 'A' for asset and maintain the asset number accrdingly in the screen and Save.

5. In Asset accounting,we had maintain the configuration for project depreciation expense posting using the following transaction;

(a) activate Acc Assignment Elements for AA (tcode S_AL0_96000020) and

(b) Assign the WBS to account assignment type for depreciation (tcode S_KI4_38000341).

The issues/problems:

1. Since the budget availability control is being activated for this project, and during creation of PO wt acct. assgnmt 'A' the system still allowed for PO creation even budget is insufficient ( PO can be save w/o any error). This is definately incorrect!.

2. Testing has been done for other screnarios such as Purchasing for project ( acct. assignment 'P'), normal GL,AR,AP project related entries and all the transactions are successfuly posted with the correct budget control checking.

The questions:

1. Is there any missing configurations related to this scenario?

2. Once the asset for project being depreciated, would the depreciation amt being posted to WBS and able to be displayed in Project reportings?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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How system will check the budget without creating a purchase order for project,either you have to use AcctAssgntcat N,P or Q for creating a PO for a project.

In your case you are creating a PO for Asset.


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you need to create a statistical project, set up with a type 90 cost element and then use this to posting against the WBS for budget checks, whereas the actual posting will be against the asset direct from procurement

there is a whole process note in SAP help - check it out

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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You have to give WBS as account Assignment in origin Tab so that when you execute the PO by account assignment “ A”, system will post Asset value to Project statistically & you will get error or warning massage for budget as per tolerance limit.

The place where you have entered WBS is to post depreciation not for budget checking.

~ Dnyaneshwar

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You need to create PO against a WBS of that Project.

After all the expenses are booked to various WBS elements, you will have to settle the cost of the WBS elements to the Asset.



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Account Assignment Category A is for the Direct Acquisition of Asset through MM. Here consumption posting is A. And stock is plant stock. There is not at all linkage with Project in that case.

As stated, You need to use PS account assignment category & Cost Element cat. 90 for budget availability control

Below Note will be helpful to you.

Note 202053 - Statistical cost elements f.balance sheet accounts

Note 75980 - Creat.cst elem: KS036 "G/L acc. & is a"

With Regards

Nitin P.

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You have created PO account assigned to Asset, not project, so the cost will be posted to Asset not project. project Budget will monitor only the cost posted to project not assets.