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Purchase requisitions in MRP run

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Hi ,

When MRP is run for the total plant , MD01,what should be the control parameter for create pur req ?.

I checked by altering the control parameters for MRP run(MD01). When MRP is run with option 1 (in create pur. req) it creates pur requistion and when run with option 3, it creates planned order.

In the plant there are raw material as well as semi finished products. So when MRP is run for the total plant what control parameter should be used ?



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Hi Shankar,

Once you define which type of procesing you need for Raw Materials and Semifinished products you can control the creation indicator per material with MRP GROUP in MRP 1 View (MARC-DISGR).

You define this parameter per plant and you can assign it to different materials. Tx: OPPZ


MRP Group

0000 Creates Purchase Requisition

0001 Creates Planned Order

There are other parameters that you can control with MRP Group

So for Raw Materials you can use 0000 and for semifinished product 0001. (Let you Key user know what he prefers, its going to depend on the business!!!)

Kind regards,


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Hi Federico,

after the MPR setting is done, like you said.

0000 creates PR

0001 creates planned order.

and assigned the MPR group to different materials which all are external purchase(F).

then execute MRP running, there is a parameter of ''create purchase requisition', 1-purchase req. 3-planned order.

it seems the MRP running will override material setting's MRP group setting, that means if run MRP by using 1, materials with MRP group 0001 still gets the purchase requisition.

or can you advise is there any others setting need to be done?

Thanks so much.



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Dear ,

You can choose 1 or 3 .If you choose 1 , then it will create PR for External Procured Item like RAW material where as for Semi-finsihed or FG , it will generate planned order which can be converted to Production order from MD04.

But , in case , if you select 3 , it will generate planned order which can be converted to production order as well as PR and subsequently PO based on your requirement .A planned order can be converted to to PR-PO and also Production order for SFG/FG.



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The recommended value is 2 for that field. Reason being you need a PR only when it is within the opening period, so the purchasing team can start taking actions.

Outside that window it is better to keep it in planned order stage to ensure that any demand changes or material master related changes are factored-in.

The setting is only for purchase parts & for make parts system will always generate a planned order.

But the above is a thumb rule n the settings purely depend on the business process followed.