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purchase order

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what all can purchase order contains

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which all header details updated in EKKO table and

item details updated in EKPO table....

tanks velu

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it contains header and item details

header details are

Purchase order number

PO date

order type



po value etc

item details re

item no



delivery date

po qty

net price

purchase org


material group etc....

better you can see the transactions ME21and ME21N for create purchase order

ME22 and ME22N for change

ME23 and ME23N for display

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it contains the header -ekko details ekpo material details from mara makt short text etc.

well if you want to get all details then use BAPI_PO_GET_DETAILS

it will automatically give you all the details without writing any tedious select statements

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you can go through the following tables for purchase order details : ekko, ekpo, lfa1 using se11. there you will be able to find all related fields for purchase order.

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check out the following tables

EKKO Header table

EKPO Item master

in SE11

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this is the tables for realtive purchase order

tablename description

EKKO Purchasing Document Header

EKPO Purchasing Document Item

these are main using in real time.

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material number, short text, purchase order quantity, order quantity, delivery date, net price, order price unit, account assignment category, material group, plant, storage location, item cateory in purchasing document.

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