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Purchase Order Output-adding material code

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Hii Guys,

How to add material code to purchase order output in sap? What should I do? is this a developing or a customisation?ı have material description and also ı want to see material code.

Thanks for helping;))

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Community Manager
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Hello mpolat34,

This is manly customization. (See the example below that shows material code highlighted in yellow)

SPRO -> Material Management -> Purchasing -> Messages -> Output Control -> Messages Types -> Define Messages Types for Purchase Order

Please share some print of your issue.

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Your post is pretty helpful, but after following your path ,I reached ABAP coding side by clicking some of tables name or like this ,I could not understand how will ı add something or design it. As you se below, I want to put MATERIAL CODE between NO and MATERIAL DESCRIPTION. I think, ı should use developing side , I found my Purchase Order Output in SE38 tcodes, but ı need to help to find required tables or data.

I would be grateful if you have an idea to share with me. Thanks again for your attention.

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In Customizing identify (or define) the print form

  • SPRO -> Material Management -> Purchasing -> Messages -> Output Control -> Messages Types -> Define Messages Types for Purchase Order > Maintain Message Types for PO (NEU, Processing Routines, depends on your SAP version Sap Script, Smart Forms, Adobe, etc.)

Adapt form

  • Ask an abaper to adapt the print form to add the required field