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Purchase Order item link to document automatically

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Hello together,

we have maintained DIRs for a material with CV01N and it is linked to the material master. In the DIR we also have set the object links to PO (EKPO).

When I create now the PO we would like to get the DIR for the purchased material listed automatically in the Purchase order item - link to document.

At the moment it is blank and we have to do it manually what takes time and automatic PO creation is also not possible as we need to jump in again to the PO change mode and attach the documents manually.

I saw in some answers it is not configured by the SAP system to have it automatically but I don't understand the reason.

For PP it is possible. In the production schedule profile you can activate "automatic action: document links - material". Like this the DIR will be automatically written in the material in the production order.

Is there such a customizing setting also possible for MM - PO item?

Many thanks in advance for your answer(s).


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