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Purchase Order Flow

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Hello All,

Good Morning,

We are implementing SAP. In our home grown ERP we have the following flow for creating a Purchase Order

PR Generation-->RFQ Generation-->Quotation Entries-->Comparison-->Proposal Generation for the selected Vendor-->PO Generation.

Now SAP consultant tell us the standard SAP flow is

PR Generation-->RFQ Generation-->Quotation Entries-->Comparison-->PO Generation.

Now we want to have proposal generation process as we can select any vendor after the comparison. One more thing is these proposals are generated in system and then are being approved by Management Level on web. After the approval of this proposal we are able to generate the Purchase Order with reference to that particular Proposal.

So now as per our consultant we will not be having proposal generation. however he told us that we can take it as a new development.

So just want to know whether it can be done with standard SAP or we have to go for development. What are the alternatives?

I am new to this community, so apologies for the mistakes.

Thanks in Advance.

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Look like RFQ Release strategy/Indenting (Similar Proposal Generation) will suite your requirement.