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pur org assignment error

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i am trying to assign my purchasing org T100, T200 to my company code TA00. we can assign several P.Org to one CC. However, one can only belong to one CC is this true can someone explain me why?

thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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one purchasing org can serve several company codes.


several purchasing orgs can serve the needs of one company.

both ways are possible.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Dear Poorani,

yes, You can assign a purchasing organization to one company code. This is company-specific purchasing. but this can procure only for that company code.

but you can leave P Org Independent . You can assign a purchasing organization to no company code. This purchasing organization can then procure for all plants assigned to it, irrespective of the company code to which the plant belongs.

The role to Purchase organisation in MM

Purchasing organization is defined based upon the reporting requirement. Many of the vendors may be a part of any one purchasing organization. Moreover the many of the standard reports are available on purchase organization than on account group.

Defining Purchase organization purely depends upon reporting requirements.

Secondly, the organization structure also effects the defining the purchase organization. as Purchase organization is the floating entity, may or may not be linked to company code, but plants must be assigned to purchase organization.

Thirdly, pricing procedure uses purchase organization as one of the parameters but, it is not why we define the purchase organization. We can have multiple pricing procedure still having one purchase organization. its complex, but can do it.

Finally, Purchase organization is the entity, that is used to define all the Contracts & inforecords in the system. Its a logical entity, not a physical one.

this may help u to understand Role of Purchase Orgniastion


Pardeep Malik

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