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PS budget issue

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when we try to delete PO, we get error message: item 001 Netwk Activity 3300012 0010 budget exceeded.

how to resolve the issue? thanks

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Please search the forum. There are lot of threads relating to the issue.

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I search forum already, but I'm talking about deletion of PO. the existing solution like RKANB*, CJEN,CJBN didn't work, also we can't change budget and tolerance limit. thus no solution can be found in the forum.

also I 'm very curious about deletion of PO, because same line item in PR quantity is 2, total valuation is 300K. the PO quantity is 1

and PO net price is 50K, but when I delete PO, it tells me the budget exceed: 120K, in 87013533 report, commitment for this item is 23K, plan -overall and actual-overall are all zero.

I don't know how 120K is calculated. can you answer me? thanks

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If you really want to delete this PO, deactivate availability control for this project for while using CJBW & delete the OP,

then ASAP activate AVAC using CJBV.

Note - This is not a recommended solution.



Sam L

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1st check the budget type annual / overall.

please confirm when your project is activated for availability control ? before creating PR and PO or after that ?

If AVAC is activated after creation of PR and PO then definately system will give error.

In your case RKANBU01 required to be execute for the related PO / project to resonztruct the commitment data.

Please check in CJI5 report for a/c assigned object is it there any other commitments are present.


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we resolve by changing tolerance, thanks