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provide and endprovide

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can any one spot light on the significance of PROVIDE - ENDPROVIDE in LDB?

what situation i have to use provide ....... endprovide and loop and endloop ?



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Hi ,

Provide and endprovide is used when u have defined logical database in your program attribute.


Generally it is used in HR module.

In HR there are many infotypes (for time bing consider infotype as a transparent table )

In program we define infotype by INFOTYPES statement

this creates internal table automatically

to get data from these infotype into internal table we use GET event .

at the execution of this event all data are fetched into int.table via logical database.

Now here is your answer !

if you want to process data inside infotype u can use Provide - End provide and also Loop Endloop.

But In provide -Endprovide differs from normal loop statement in these way.

1 : you can give start date and END date in Provide statement itself so no need of seperation of data within required dates.

2: you can join several Infotypes (internal table here) in one loop

E.G .provide * from p0001 p0001 ...


3: you can Project one/several field in loop via Provide statement.

E.G your table contains 50 records

there is one field in table say ABC

out of 50 records value of ABC is changed only two times so

logically loop will execute only 2 times if u have projected the field in Provide statement.


Provide ABC from p0000 ...


4: there are many other advantages too - but i have counted the major one.


May this help u in understanding PROVIDE loop better.

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Hi Kumar,

Provide is a special language element for HR specifics like Date handling.

First of all you should go to the really go F1 help for this statement.

Also note that the data sets must be sorted and the dates must not contain any gaps.



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It is a matter of choice.. both loop..endloop AND provide..endprovide can be used in a Report tied to the PNP/PNPCE LDB. With Provide, you have the option of using JOIN similar to the SELECT statements. ie retrieve records from multiple infotypes in one statement.


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Hope It is useful link for you


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Hi Pals,

U can use Provide ...Endprovide while u do programming using LDB's

if u r not using LDB's than u can use loop and endloop with select query.

Useful than Reward Points.