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Profit Center Determination Rule

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Hi SD/FI Experts,

Good Day!

Previous consultant do some changes in User Exit? (apologies for being not that knowledgeable for now in User Exit due to still leaning as Newbie) and sent it to our ABAP.

Now the ABAP give an advise to do the testing. I need to test if the changes to User Exit was successful.
I was thinking to create a sales order to test the changes but im having trouble on how am I gonna set the Sold-to Party as Profit Center Determination.
I only try to set the profit ceter thru material. But i'm not sure what to do to set the Profit Center Determination Rule thru Sold-to Party.

Hope you can help me.

Thank you very much in advanced

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Determination of Profit Center based on Material is SAP Standard.

It seems there is some Customer Development in your system where Profit Center is determined based on Sold to Party and or Lab/Office.

I assume there is a Custom Table where the data is maintained and fetched while creation of Sales Order (via ABAP code in Sales Order User exit).

If your question pertains to a Custom (Z) Development in your system, none of us here has access and knowledge of the development and cannot help unless you provide further details.

You can ask the ABAP team for Deelopment documentation and see what was changed / implemented.

You also approach your Functional counterpart on Business side to understand if there was a requirement for Custom Profit center derivation.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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but im having trouble on how am I gonna set the Sold-to Party as Profit Center Determination.

It is not clear as to why want to set Sold-To as Profit Center determination. As you already told, profit center should always be linked to material since cost center is also linked to a material. What is the Business requirement to do coding to link Sold to, to profit center? If at all your client want to fetch the profit margin, it can very well be achieved via pricing procedure standard configuration