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profit center assigning earror?

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hi, experts

, i have problem, assigning profit center to cost center, below  error  message was happen,   Message no. FAGL_ORG_UNITS011, i am trying to  change this message status E TO W through t-code OBA5 but change will  not happen ,what can i do ,please help me out ,

even this error not solve with t code OB MSG, if you like to see total MSG see below ,please help me  it is urgent for my client

Changing profit center from  to STEEL is not permitted

Message no. FAGL_ORG_UNITS011


You want to change the profit center from  to STEEL. However, this is not  permitted because transaction data either already exists for the account  assignment object or could exist at the time when the change takes effect in the  system. Changing the profit center in this instance can lead to inconsistencies  in FI.


    1. There are costs on a cost center (WBS element) to which profit center A  is assigned. If the profit center in the cost center master record were now  changed to B and the costs then distributed to other cost centers, the currently  assigned profit center - that is, profit center B - would be credited. Profit  center A, however, would still have a debit posting.
    2. There are not yet any costs on a cost center to which profit center A is  assigned. For this cost center, an additional time slice needs to be created for  a future period with profit center B. However, there is always a chance that  transaction data continues to be entered in the cost center until the time when  postings can be made to the affected period. This can lead to similar  inconsistencies as those described in point 1.

System Response

The action is terminated.


If you want the change in profit center to be possible, you can convert this  error message into a warning message. You do this in the IMG activity Change Message  Control (work area FAGL_ORG_UNITS, message number  011).

You can also use the reorganization to change the profit center.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Bhavya,

Please refer to note 1358080 about this issue.

Best regards,


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Hi Bhavya,

It is possible only by periodically, Please check the below mentioned screen shot of Define Time-Based Fields for Cost Centers (OKEG).